Friday, 28 June 2013

Time Constraints

There simply isn’t enough time to properly blog everything. How can I explain 4 days worth of information in the few minutes that I have that I’m not busy? I like to pull that phrase, “I’ll sleep when I die” but undoubtedly, in my advanced years of being almost twenty, I do need my sleep. And with the midterm approaching on Saturday, and my memory still equivalent to a goldfish, extra time is being used elsewhere.

The 21st of June is Aboriginal Day in Canada. There was a BBQ down at the Snag campground and everyone is ridiculously nice. The food was great, I tried to overcome my natural awkwardness and be friendly. I think I succeeded. Mostly.

Ken, the electrical engineer of the area, had his boat down so that was a highlight. I love boats. If I’m ever rich (which I don’t think I will be nor do I necessarily want to be), I shall have a boat. I do have my boat license (my “pleasure craft operator” card—why they call it that I do not know) after all. Thank you, Bawlf School for giving us the most random options.

So Aboriginal Day was great. As an extra bonus, with being in town, we got to get an extra shower in, use more wifi, and pretend like we still have the capacity to be civilized. In addition to being Aboriginal Day, the 21st was solstice. A drive up to Mount Dave provided a wonderful view of the “setting” sun. It did go down but it was a bit debatable.

Saturday was digging. I can’t remember much about it so either the blood was all rushed into my brain as I reached down into my unit, or nothing remarkable happened. Sunday morning was a work-day to make up for Friday’s afternoon off but in the afternoon we had time to go into town once more. Two showers in one week? What is this, the Hilton? Sunday afternoon once again consisted of the ritual baseball game. Plus Norm bought us supper so that was nice.

Yesterday was Monday. (A profound statement, I know). But in my defence, it was a long day in the heat. I came north to avoid the heat. Why, Yukon weather? Why? Anyway, we dug away to no avail but today Lisa almost broke my eardrum as she found the first bone in our unit. Then Josh found cooler bones and what is possibly an obsidian core tablet. Although I’m not really sure what this is. I just found some charcoal. But it’s not a competition. Or it’s not because they’re obviously winning. What’re you going to do? Except keep on keeping on.
Plus I think I win in the dirtiest face competition…which is a direct reflection of how hard I work? (Although it is more likely a direct reflection of the proportion of mosquitos on my face to dirt on my hands).

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