Sunday, 2 June 2013


Welcome to the Yukon.

I didn't really think of doing a blog while up here. Except then another girl in the field school, Sarah (Sara?--who knows with that) was talking about doing one. And then I met up with some relatives and one of them suggested it to me. And then my phone decided to glitch once more and decide to forget how to charge and so match made in heaven, this will keep you all up to date with my adventures and misadventures. Probably more of the latter than the former.

But at least there are no mowers to get stuck in bunkers. For those of you who haven't heard that story, long story short. I'm really bad at my job. Good thing I get to be here instead of there. Who's going to call long distance to fire me? Hope Mr. Boss man never finds this. Don't want to put ideas in his head. 

Back to the Yukon. The important happening right now stuff. 

The river is pretty. The house we're staying in is 100 years old and buildings are generally fun coloured. And you are able to see scary bald eagles live here . Those fellas are big. You probably all know how I feel about birds...

So yes, I will try to blog if given Internet access. However, this whole technology thing isn't going too well for me. But yes, blogging. Even though that makes me more hipster. 

But after all, I did bring my ukulele, Yuri, so I should just embrace the way I am. 

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