Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Door Swings Both Ways

We put together a barbeque for a select group of guests because, really, we had no choice. Honestly though, it was a nice way to spend some time with people who had shown us around various museums, taught us total stations, and the like over the course of the week, presumably Norm's whole reason for the barbeque. As it turns out I have mediocre skills at garlic bread. A non-skill, to be sure, as it doesn't take a lot of effort to make some garlic butter and butter some bread and grill some bread. But perhaps this puts me slightly ahead of a monkey in cooking skills?

I spent time chatting with Keni, a student from the Anth 144 field school, that will be working at Canyon City for a couple of weeks (the Anth 144 class was included on the invite class as we learned--or at least attempted to learn-- total stations with them and will get to see their site Monday). As it turns out, Keni is related to Iceman, which is pretty badass. For those unfamiliar with Iceman, just know that he's a big deal. 

Keni had some stories, as all people do, and fortunately also possesses the talent to tell them in a thought-provoking manner. At age 16, his father sent him out into the world but reminded him that the door to the house swings both ways. I never really thought of that. It is a straight forward, unsurprising comment, and yet I've always been stuck on the, "Whenever a door closes, a window opens." So a little philosophical stimulus for those of you who feel inclined to ponder.

                                                                                        Photo credit to fellow UofCalgary'er, Amanda

Number 5 is the number of my rented bike for group laundry and roaming around tomorrow. Am I the only one who thinks 5 is kind of a lame number? It's too mainstream, man. Nah, even though I am presently writing a blog, I don't think I'm that hipster

                                                                    But then again I've fooled myself before. 

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