Thursday, 6 June 2013

Missing Teeth

Missing Teeth

I am missing three teeth. No they are not from my mouth, they are from my comb. Apparently “controlled falling” (as I cannot jump) down a cliff into the sand below will result in enough dirt in your hair to result in such a travesty.

Mastodons eat more spruce than mammoths, which have a diet of mainly grass. So while this gives mastodons shearing scissor teeth and mammoths a grinding platform, in the end they both have honking big teeth.

These honking big teeth can be seen amongst other megafauna bones at the Yukon Heritage Branch, where Greg Hare works. This is because he works with a palaeontologist, a collaboration that commonly occurs in the Yukon due to an importance of Beringia. I suppose this means I should not be so disheartened by people thinking I am in palaeontology. It’s just that Ross was the absolute worst character in Friends. And we all know it too.

Other treasures we got to see today: 780 +/- year old moccasins, a carved caribou scapula, and the scariest bone point you ever did see. Amongst many, many other things.

Treasures found today: fossilized limestone.

And we haven’t even left Whitehorse yet. But I know we’re all just waiting. To get out there. To the ever (or at least for now) illustrious field. 

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