Sunday, 16 June 2013


We had a “Welcome to Little John Site” sign made for us by some of the locals. It was the most lovely addition to the excitement of actually arriving at the site today. For me, this is the best part of travelling and life in general: making human connections. So far the names I remember are Ruth, Bessie, Eddy, and Chelsea, a pathetic amount really. My only consolation is that my name is hopefully too tricky for anyone to remember and then I can feel less bad about not knowing their names. Regardless, I was very glad to see that a connection was planted and ready to be watered. What would be the point of life if one was the last human standing?

Perhaps that is a bit too philosophical for this blog. But I am after all spending time in the woods. A person is bound to start contemplating life more deeply.

The drive up was beautiful. I couldn’t help but smile and keep on smiling. There is always something so impressive and heartwarming about the mountains. They make me feel small but yet incredibly capable of soaring.

I saw the pit of despair today. In the flesh. And I want to dig that section. I really do.

Today was routine unpacking, setting up tents, meeting new people, attempting to get organized and do some readings and yet there is no way that today was typical because I know that an experience like this one is going to be extraordinary.

I mean we already saw a ferocious grizzly on the side of the road. Ok. It was a small  grizzly. But I’m a prairie girl after all and I can tell you one thing, that small grizzly was certainly more impressive than a gopher. 

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