Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Radiators and Radiance

Still in Whitehorse

That was an ill-attempt at estimating how many more days we had because the stars will not magically align and we are here another day.
                           I'm a little upset at radiators at the moment. But not too much because it gives me more time to prep and get my stuff all in order. We'll shoot for the summit tomorrow. 

So let's focus on the good because there's nothing I can do for the radiator.

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to traverse to Canyon City by Miles Canyon accompanied by Mr. Greg Hare and the instructor, Victoria, and her students from Anth 144. The canyon is the stereotypical picture of Canada to me: hills loitered in trees, a jutting rock face or two, and a glacier-fed body of water in an impossibly beautiful shade of blue.

Too bad I couldn't possibly get my camera to replicate the radiance. 

On the plus side, I did manage to protect my translucent skin from burning in the sun that finally decided to shine with all its force. 
                So there's that.

Canyon City is a historical archaeological site along the river that sprung up during the time of the gold rush. The remnants of the tramway path, buildings, and various midden piles (in other words, old junk piles) make up the site. This means a lot of information to glean--for example, tin cans can provide clues to the type of food consumed, time frame, and perhaps even an explanation for the fate of the Franklin Expedition

The next post will be from Beaver Creek so stay tuned for that and in the mean time, remember, putting any photo in sepia can add an artistic flair to an otherwise mundane blog post. 

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