Friday, 7 June 2013

The Pit of Despair

No, the title is not a metaphor for a great sadness. 

It's an actual pit at the archaeology site.  

And I may have been signed up to dig in it with a character named Colin. This may have been because we happened to be in proximity to Norm when the infamous Pit of Despair came up in conversation. He may have been kidding. However, there is a great possibility that Colin and I may actually be digging in the pit of despair. And I'm 100% cool with it. What's a little mud amongst friends?

Naturally, upon finding out that we may be a team, we decided to come up with the most clever team name. Naturally, we failed and just ended up combining our last names into Chrisniuk. (Please read with a Russian accent for the full effect).

That's the thing about names: They seem like a good idea at the time. Like Yukonic. I thought I was being reasonably clever but as it would turn out this name has been used for a wide variety of other things. You win some, you lose some.

Speaking of winning, my team (the second tallest team, as we were organized by height for practicality) is the quickest at setting up a total station. And then I kind of guess my way through it and press a lot of buttons. Chalk that up on the list of things that I will eventually master.

And now for a shameless plug: If you have more interest in the day to day activities of me or anyone else you know at the Yukon College Field School in Subarctic Archaeology and Ethnography, please like us on Facebook.
(As if I don't ask enough of all of you when subjecting you to my various ramblings.)

Days until field: ~3.4


  1. Are total stations those things that you see surveyors using alongside the road? If so, at least you are guaranteed a job with your undergrad degree...just kidding, I joke because I love.

    Final note, when do you have .4 of a day? It seems an odd division of hours to go by.

  2. If you pressed the link on the total station, dear sister, you could have seen that they are indeed the tool for surveyors.

    Oh, that was an arbitrary guess.