Friday, 21 June 2013

Four Yellow Flowers

Today as a break, I got to spend some time with Eddy and Blake, who are something like 4 and 6 years of age and raised by Ruth. They were running around and amusing themselves with everything that was going on and definitely a nice distraction. They’re very cute kids, helpful and generous; Eddy picked me four yellow flowers.

In archaeologically related news, our units continue to be difficult and I really have no idea what is going on most of the time and require constant supervision. Good thing Josh is doing most of our excavations as we can only work on one unit of the four at a time, trying to reveal the stratigraphy and figure out what is possibly going on. Thus, I have been left with Thomas in the pit of despair as Lisa gets giddy from paleosols in another nearby unit.

So Thomas and I have been slumping around in the pit of despair, taking up the mud that was backfilled after last summer and the tarps and trying to make it resemble an archaeological excavation. I literally was kneeling in mud and rooting away today so no complaints. Again, thank goodness for the creek. During the menial labour, we had time to devise a series of schoolboy pranks. Unfortunately for us (but fortunately for Josh) the spider that we found and saved in my pocket got away before I could get it into Josh’s coffee. However, we did succeed in getting him to mention the key word “student government” approximately 7 times (Josh is involved in his student government and getting him to mention it that many times made him sound pretentious which was quite hilarious). Thomas and I also changed our PhD Mike is approaching warning cry of “caw-caw caw-caw” to mooing, oinking, and any other farm yard animal we felt like. So all in all, a productive day. So productive that we have to save the other planned prank (convincing Josh that we found a mammoth tusk—this one we will have the whole camp involved in) for tomorrow.  But later in the evening Thomas got a nosebleed and then after I laughed at him I got one so that was probably karma coming back for us.

But I mean if I’m disturbing the dirt digging for stuff, why not be a sh*t disturber at the same time? 

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