Monday, 1 July 2013


I felt good about our pit the day Lisa found our first artifact. Daniel told Amanda that she would find something in her pit today, and she did. Predictions of what will occur have been holding up thus far. Can I predict a mammoth head with an imbedded projectile point for myself?

No, I cannot. However, I did make my first real discoveries since the historical artifacts for myself today. I thought that piece of colluvium was bone and that interesting looking rock with the minerals aligned in such a manner that they looked like shell was an artifact as well. But that vermin tooth and obsidian flake today were the real deal. This I am sure of.

The midterm is today. Maybe I should be more stressed but Stormin’ Norman ensures us that it will be easy. I will let you know on the other side. Somehow, I think it is quite possible that he is overestimating the amount of knowledge I have accumulated. Or perhaps I will surprise myself. Let’s hope for the later.

This week has been stifling hot, as previously lamented about, but luckily this meant that Stormin’ Norman took pity on our souls and let us have a shower this evening. Very refreshing. It is possible to forget how dirty you are while in the field because as stated beforehand, clean is a relative term. Still, you remember what clean is and how nice clean is when clean becomes a reality. (As opposed to some occurrence so distant that it seems almost mythological).

This evening in town was also spent in part at the community garden, complete with greenhouse and pump track—a type of bike track for the kids to amuse themselves on as the parents garden. I am a big fan of community gardens. Who doesn’t love a nice commune feel? I didn’t realize before this excursion that there are many things like cucumber and tomatoes that are unable to grow here. Apparently Dawson City has a better climate for growing things than Whitehorse even though it is further North. Interesting.

Things to look forward to: Art and Archaeology program next week. I don’t know how we’re going to manage that many people but it certainly should be a rewarding time. I am potentially doing the video for this as part of my term project. Check out the post entitled “June 24, 2013” for more details.

Stormin’ Norman “caught up” on my blog and told me it has “flavour” and tells of many things going on around here or something like that. I really could not tell if this meant he liked it or not but I am going to assume that it doesn’t 100% displease him as he said to carry on.

As a side note, I think I may write more prose-like in a subsequent post but in the meantime, let me “carry on” with more things I want to say in a typical conversation tone. 

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