Monday, 22 July 2013

Top of the World

It's not just a great Imagine Dragons song but a wonderfully weaving road through amazing Alaskan scenery. After a short stay at a random campsite (very cozy when snuggled up in a small two man tent with Amandolin for expediency's sake in set up and tear down) and we were back on the road to Eagle.

The Mongols did a lot of things and 10-70 million were killed. Woah, easy Genghis Khan, you probably don't have to kill the entire world, but apparently you think you do.

But apparently we are close to Eagle so the end of the tale may never be told. At least we figured out how to fade the sound forward in the van so other thoughts can be thought besides imaginings of what the brutality of raping and pillaging done by the Mongols would have been.

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