Monday, 1 July 2013

Inspiration and Indian Feet

My laptop is dead but the good news is that I have found my notebook, so I shall transcribe this later. It would have been nice to have this before the midterm. But it's ok, Stormin' Norman was generous with the bonus marks.

Today Sarah told me I inspire her. I asked why. She said I always have a smile on my face and she loves my quick responses. I have had several people ask me if I was sad on several separate occasions when really that's just my face. It looks sad. So Sarah may have been full of it, but it did cause a smile on my face.

This evening, we had many Upper Tanana visitors. First Tommy was over for supper. He's the oldest Johnny (The Little John Site being named after a Johnny). Unfortunately, I didn't get much of a chance to speak with him as I was cooking. However, I am sure I will get to hear more from him soon.

In the evening, our regular visitors, Eldred, his girlfriend Jessica, his father, David, his mother Ruth, sister Bessie, brother-in-law Wilfred, nephews Eddy, Blake, Louis, Robert, and niece Timika were all here. They're all insanely generous. We haven't even fully repaid Bessie and Wilfred for transporting a crazy amount of our groceries from Tok and already Bessie brought us something else-- a delectable rhubarb crisp which Timika helped me serve out to all our "customers".

I did spend the majority of their time here finishing up posters for Canada Day and hanging out with the kiddies. This is because as an awkward sort of person, it is easier to make a silly face than conversation.  I should work on that.

Plus Eddy, Timika, Blake, Louis, and Robert are full of energy and fascination. Kids are great.

As David was leaving and I said my goodbyes, he said that if I continued to walk around barefoot, I would get Indian feet; my feet would grow wide. I said I might reconsider going barefoot. But he wasn't saying it as a bad thing. Both him and Ruth assured me of this. It was merely a statement. By the end of this field camp, I might just have Indian feet. And there's nothing wrong with that.

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