Monday, 8 July 2013

Catch Up

My laptop's screen went black as I was trying to type up a blog entry one evening. So let's hope that is recoverable. 

Things that have happened in recent memory (list form because it's late and I'm sleepy).

(Order not necessarily correct).

1. Found another obsidian flake.

2. Perfected parody words.

3. Started preliminary choreography of parody music video.

4. Let Amandolin find 2 more flakes in my unit so that I could go spend time with the NCES kids. You're welcome, Amanda.

5. #4 makes my unit most productive. And we were all thinking it was a dud.

6. Started a coffee challenge competition with Thomas: who can go without coffee the longest, loser eats a half cup of grounds. 

7. Tried tricking Thomas into drinking coffee.

8.  Failed at #7.

9. Got tricked by Thomas into drinking a very vile and bitter tea/coffee concoction. 

10. Became even more bitter than that concoction. Drew a drawing entitled "Anger".

11. Felt better.

12. Became that weird, artsy kid in camp (or at least further embraced my role). 

13. Opened a new unit at N13 E06, found some burnt glass and charcoal. 

14. Saved some of said charcoal for art purposes and some for radiocarbon dating purposes. 
Thus further doing #12.

15. Hosted a tea with the crew for the community.

16. Fed a bird out of my hand (1/day is the goal). (Got to conquer that bird fear). 

17. Added to my dirt/ tan ring line.

18. Joined in a rendition of Barrett's Privateers by Stan Rogers/ learnt that song. Apparently not knowing this song makes me a failure of a Canadian. 

19. Went to Alaska border and traditional fishing camp of T'soogot Gaiy.

20. Learnt a stick gambling game.

21. Perhaps got too into said game.

22. Slightly cut thumb nail while hacking through O horizon (root layer) in N13 E06.

23. Realized I should not be trusted with a saw.

24. Failed miserably at pool against Eldred and Jessica. In my defence, Josh did not counter-balance my pool inability with pool ability.

25. Went fishing at the creek.

26. Further tangled the fishing line of the tangled fishing line pole's line and witnessed Amanda catch her first fish ever.

27. Cringed at the knife butt to the fish head that fishing requires. Also the lingering flopping. Also the face and gut removal. 

28. Got to meet David Yesner and his cool collection of rings and toe rings.

29. Peeled spruce root for birch bark baskets. Trust me, although this sounds like a counter-intuitive statement, spruce tree is necessary for birch bark baskets.

30. Failed at making brownies in the wood stove oven for the community tea.

31. Resurrected said brownies with canned pear and cinnamon/sugar mixture into a mud pie delicious mess in a cup, thanks to Trapline waiter, Doug's suggestion.

32. Hit a baseball that subsequently took a bad bounce and hit NCES Tim's face. (But at least I didn't pull a Niki and playfully push him out of the way to get to second base creating an imbalance and disallowing him to block the ball that then hit him directly in the nose like she did to our field crew Tim).

33. Said goodbye to Field Crew Tim.

34. Made plans to meet up with all the BC/AB kids at the 2013 Chacmool Conference at UofC.

35. Told other people to come to the conference.

36. Remembered how wonderful bubbles are thanks to Jamie. 

37. Participated in a random round of writing each other's names in other languages on people's hands, so Ukrainian, Polish, Hebrew, Arabic, or whatever languages other people knew.

38. Convinced Tim, Jamie, and Lisa that I knew how to write Chinese.

39. Wrote their Chinese "names" on their hands.

40. Convinced them that Tim's name was the longest in Chinese despite being the shortest in English because of the way the characters work.

41. Somehow in these shenanigans, stumbled upon the Chinese symbol for "five" in writing Lisa's name.

42. Told Thomas that I have 25% of the pain receptors of the average person. Why? Why not?

43. Took a couple naps. Delicious.

44. Made two spruce bark necklace pendants.

45. Realized I do not have carving skills and used some permanent marker on the "Yukon '13" on #43's pendants.

46. Ate some moose stew.

47. Ate my weight in bannock.

48. Ate my weight in peanut butter.

49. Continued carbo-loading strategy.

50. Woke up to freezing temperatures many a morning.

51. Found a Wisconsin quarter in my tent. Jackpot. 

52. Acquired a tshirt from NCES to put my total clean t-shirt count to 1.

53. Exaggerated a little bit on #52. An alarmingly small bit. 

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