Monday, 1 July 2013

Notes To Self

1. Your prof is potentially reading this: Don’t say anything incriminating.

2. Barefoot is best. I am trying to train up my feet to be tougher. Also it is better than having shoeprints in your pit.

3. Stop eating dirt. Though it can be conducive to comparing stone to bone, there can also be dormant disease in the cold soils up north and there have been reports of archaeologists contracting illnesses.

4. #3 may be incriminating. Please see #1 again.

5, Note to self: Grouse chicks are really cute. So that bird that you now think is disgusting was once cute. This could be helpful for conquering bird fear.

6. Denali complex had microblades but Nenana/Chindadn did not.

7. Illinoian/Reid glaciation: 200, 000 – 120, 000 years ago. Wisconsin/McConnell glaciation: 70, 000 – 11,000 years ago. Glacial maximum of this was when people came over on Beringia.

8. Write letter of discontent to Apple. Beringia is a word and should not be underlined, spelling and grammar.

9. I really hope my tent is fully waterproof.

10. Be less obvious. While collectively, we got Josh to day “student government” approximately 5-6 times yesterday, the gig may now be up on that one. But is was fun while it lasted.

11. Sweep tent or something. It’s a mess in here.

12. Naan + cheese = a delicious grilled cheese sandwich.

13. Keep with the glasses. You know that putting in those contacts in previous weeks was disgusting and your hands are much too filthy for that.

14. Slightly moving your hand troweling all day may seem like enough exercise to be a license to eat, but it’s really not.

15. Stop carb-loading. You’re consuming your daily intake of calories in all the sugar and cream that’s in your coffee.

16. Become stronger and learn how to drink coffee black.

17. Be more secretive about yours and Amanda’s secret handshake.

18. Charge phone. Music makes a happy pit.

19. Get “Safe and Sound” by the Capital Cities on said phone.

20. Don’t let local girl, Leslie tell you sasquatch stories before bed. You may think you are brave but that solo walk to the outhouse will test you.

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